Tips: How to use AppLocale (EN)

AppLocale is a very useful utility if you want to run legacy (code-page based) applications on your Windows XP or Server 2003.
It is a launcher application that makes it possible to run non-Unicode applications in a locale of your choice (such as Japanese, Chinese, Korea, Latin etc).
Here is some tips to use AppLocale efficiently.
1. Download
Microsoft’s official download page for AppLocale: AppLocale
2. Supported Operating Systems
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows XP 
But you can use this utility on Windows Vista.
How to use AppLocale on Vista: AooLocale on Windows Vista(JP)
3. How to use
You’d better NOT to change code page or System locale on your PC.
Even if you use AppLocale to install legacy applications, you might need it to run them again. Or you may not. It depends on applications. But if it doesn’t work, try it to both.
When you use AppLocale with more than TWO languages, you might get mojibake(文字化け means garbled characters) in the installer.
In this case, try this out:
Delete apploc.tmp file under Windows\apppatch\ or set it as read only.
How to run AppLocale from command prompt;

c:\windows\AppPatch\AppLoc File /Language ID

Ex. Notepad

c:\windows\AppPatch\AppLoc c:\windows\notepad.exe

and Language ID is

Japanese: /L0411

Korean: /L0412

Simplified Chinese: /L0804

and more Microsoft Help
Sample: Open help files in Japanese, Chinese, Korea using AppLocale
Good Luck♥

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